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Cash 4 Gold and Silver is one of the most highly acclaimed silver buyers. Our business operates under principles of integrity and honesty. It is important to us to make sure that you are satisfied. Send us your silver and we will send you cash!

At Cash 4 Gold and Silver, we care about who we work with and who is affected by our business. Everyone is aware of the controversial news stories that surround the precious metals industry. We are highly diligent in ensuring that our actions have a positive impact on the world. This is why we are committed to sharing at least 10% of our profits with those who are in need. We want to lend a helping hand to local, national, and international service projects.

We are a silver buyer that you can trust. In working with us, you are also helping make the world a better place. Some of our goals include establishing an orphanage in Madagascar and funding the global fight against child sex slavery. Our compassion for humanity is limitless. Of all the silver buyers out there, you can be confident that our business is the most reliable.

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